The Process

Sean and JakeFinished painting
Sean, Jake and Sammy
Watercolor 29 x 21 inches

Prelim drawings

Preliminary drawings of composition ideas.

Having a portrait painted is a collaborative process.

1 The first step is to meet and discuss both the overall approach and specifics including clothing, props and background setting.
2 At that time we’ll arrange for the next step, a photography session with the subject(s). My purpose here is not to create a photographic version of your final portrait, but rather to gather visual “notes” I’ll use to complete the portrait. My primary goal is to capture the essence of the person(s) in natural light. These sessions are casual, fluid and fun.
3 Based on our conversations and the photographs I’ll create between two and four concept sketches. This drawing time gives me an opportunity to get to know the individual(s) and explore different and interesting compositions.
4 Collaboration comes into play again when I show you the sketches. We’ll discuss the various approaches and settle on a final approach for the painting.
5 At some point in the painting process, I will usually request a fairly brief  “sitting” with the subject(s). These opportunities to work “from life” are always beneficial to the final painting.

When the portrait is completed I deliver it to your home, where it’s ready to become an heirloom for your family.  My process, developed over twenty years of portrait painting and more than 100 commissioned portraits, assures you that your watercolor or oil painting will live up to the highest archival standards.